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Little Aussie Composter

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The idea of composting certainly isn't new, but what makes this one so special is that all the composting is done below ground.
Not only is it hidden, but it also works much faster than regular composting systems because it has a large surface area to volume ratio maximising the soil contact for all those lovely bugs and worms to make there way through it super fast.
Hide them in various spots around your garden and simply cover with mulch

As the organic matter breaks down, it fertilises the surrounding plants without you having to do anything because the worms take it back out into the soil. It couldn't be simpler. 

Fill one up and then move onto the next one. By the time you get to the last one, the first one is fully broken down.*

  • No smells. Simply cover with mulch and let the bugs and worms have a feast. 
  • You can add dairy and meat scraps along with vegetables from the kitchen.
  • Also great for dog poo in the lawn.
  • Locking top keeps dogs and animals out. 
  • Propagator dome for growing cuttings and sprouting seeds super fast due to the compost producing heat and moisture as it breaks down

How many do you need?
*One for each person in your household plus at least one spare. This will give you the capacity to keep filling each one and moving to the next one. 
Of course if you have more than the average in veggie scraps, it would be beneficial to extra Little Aussie Composters around the garden. They certainly wont do any harm, and make composting a stress free process. Let the bugs do the work! 

Made and invented in Australia! 

Tip: Use your Power Planter to dig the hole for your Little Aussie Composter.


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Linda Komesaroff
Macclesfield, Australia

Works well

Works well but I did fill it quicker than I expected and I'm using it in conjunction with a larger compost bin. It's very handy to have planted in the garden bed just outside the back door and when it fills up, I empty it into the larger compost bin. Probably needed to buy two, even for a single-person household.

Power Planter Australia

Hi Linda, I would recommend having 3 in the garden for a single person so that you can rotate through them. You should find that the first one will be broken down after about 3 weeks and then you can add more in. Brian :-)

Kate R.
Phillip, Australia

Love my Little Aussie Composter

Definitely a winner - I live in a small townhouse with a very small garden. Norma compost bins were too big and the bokashi bin didn't work for me... I bought three of these and they're in the garden. I don't notice they're there, but they are doing a fantastic job of turning my garden scraps into compost. I never thought I would get this excited about composting!!!

Julie S.
Greystaines, Australia

Little Aussie Composter

I bought two of the LAC about two years ago. They work so well i just recently bought 10 more. One for every raised bed I have. They are easy to put in the beds and easy to place your kitchen scraps in. The garden gets a continual boost of nutrients and water through the LAC. Vegies love it! Small enough to handle with ease.

Julie S. verified customer review of Little Aussie Composter
Eric G.
Cranley, Australia

Not sure yet

Ordered the Compot and when it didn't arrive getting on for two weeks I rang and apparently they were out of stock and very coincidentally they were being sent directly from Sydney that very day. I think the order was forgotten and it would have been more honest to just say that. After three weeks no worms or soldier flies have arrived so maybe too soon to comment on how it is performing.

Ross F.
Pallarenda, Australia

Lack of instructions.

The device arrived with four unexplained “U” shaped metal rods. I assume they where to hold the clear planter cover but there are no holed in the green compost bin to line up with the holes in the clear top. A search of the website revealed nothing. The first day after filling with scrapes and burying as shown in the video I came out to discover the scrub turkeys had dug Italy around it destroying the plans near by. My solution was to cover them with a very large paver each. However composting appears to be slower than advertised.

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