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All our products are covered by a 30 day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee... To put it simply, you get to try the product out and if you are not happy, simply return it for a refund.

Please note,
You must return the item within 30 days and you will need to pay for the postage back. It is usually not a large amount. Around $10.00-$15.00 

Power Planters™ also have a Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty on materials and craftsmanship because they are well made from high quality steel. - e.g. a weld breaks or it bends out of shape, we will send you a new one at our expense. 

We do ask one favour though... If you are simply having trouble getting your Power Planter to dig,  then we are here to help. 95% of of the time, the problem can be solved with some tweaks to the drill settings, so it is worth asking for help. 

Here is a Troubleshooting page which goes through the common issues. There is a NEW video that really explains it well. 
It would be very rare to not find your solution on that page.  

If you would like to talk to us about it, then

- open a chat screen (bottom right of this page - blue chat symbol)


- click the email symbol below it 


- give us a call 0423 248 746

    Steps for returning goods for refund. 

    Step 1: Call or message to let us know what the problem is. We would like to try and solve it first. :-)

    Step 2: is to look up your order. Enter your details below and click 'Lookup' Please note that the returns period is 30 days and the software below keeps track of that and wont allow lookups if it has been too long since purchasing. 

    Step 3: You will receive a Return Authorisation Number (RAN) to enclose with your return package. 



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