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Ferticote All Purpose Slow Release Fertiliser 500g

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Rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, this specific formulation will promote healthy strong root growth and lush green foliage. 

  • Includes trace elements for optimum plant health
  • Also includes added potassium for increased flowering
  • Nitrogen (N) 21% This feeds the leaves
  • Phosporous (P) 2%  This feeds the roots and overall plant health
  • Potassium (K) 10% This feeds the flowers 

NPK refers to the main active ingredients in fertilisers. You can also have other ingredients like, Sulphur, Calcium, and Magnesium which this fertiliser has as well, but the most important ones are the Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium - symbolised by NPK. 
This All purpose fertiliser has a strong Nitrogen  component (21%) so will produce good leaf growth as the priority. 
Because it does have Phosphorous you wouldn't use it on native plants as they dont like Phosphorous. Look for a labelled native fertiliser for that. 

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