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Power Planter 728H


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7inch (17.5cm) wide by 28inch (70cm) long allows you to be standing whilst drilling the holes in soil.
Being a larger auger it is recommend you use a Higher Powered Variable Speed 240v or petrol powered Drill (13mm chuck) with side handle and clutch to protect you against kickback. 
It has a common 13mm (1/2inch) hex head. 

NOTE: We don't generally recommend this size Power Planter for home garden use. This is a professional grade auger used by Landscapers and does require a higher spec Drill and previous knowledge with power tools. 
For DIY home garden Power Planters, please see the Home Gardener Range at this link

Popular uses are:

  • Rapidly planting 6inch potsize plant stock inground. (Also suitable for planting smaller pots and tubestock where you want to improve the soil by adding compost to the hole)
  • Drilling multiple holes and moving sideways between them to cultivate the soil deeply
  • Drilling a 175mm diameter tunnel under a path
  • Tree Planting and applying fertiliser tablets deep into soil. 
  • Post Hole digging to exactly 7 inches wide with minimal external soil disturbance. 
  • Mixing barrow loads of Concrete/mortar
  • Mixing fertiliser into soil mix
  • Mixing paint
  • Digging a trench for plumbing and irrigation - by drilling holes to required depth consecutively along the line and then remove any remaining soft soil with a trenching shovel or by hand. 


N.B. We hope it is pretty obvious... but we better say it - The price does not include the Dewalt Drill shown in the demonstration images. The Power Planter can fit onto any standard Australian drills with a 13mm chuck. (eg. Ryobi, Bosch, Black and Decker, Hitachi, etc )

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Dominic A.
Lilydale, Australia

Garden digger and also post whole digger

Great bit of equipment. Will see how it holds up over time

Lee K.
Frenchville, Australia

Power Planter 728H

only used it twice at this stage, but am really happy with it, works well.

Lachlan T.
Emerald, Australia

Magnificent Time SAVER

This is fantastic. As a trial run I have planted 15 sapplings in 30 minutes. Now I know how to use my Powerplanter I will be faster.. Next month I plan to plant 230 azaleas. At my current use I can plant this many 5" pot in less than one day. Lachlan

Samuel H.
Glenroy, Australia


Love it, have only used it on my 18V drill, makes planting bigger shrubs, putting in letter boxes and holes for small retaining walls a breeze, already paid for itself after 1 day

Megan M.
Gundy, Australia

It's big. It's powerful

Sadly I'm unable to use the 728H as I'm not strong enough to manage it's power. My partner also had difficulty because the ground is like concrete due to the drought. Eventually we had perfectly round, deep holes that he barred the sides out of for our lovely new garden.

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