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Pack of 10 x N95 (P2) Disposable masks - this is the recommended mask for Corona Virus

TAKING PREORDERS NOW. The next batch of masks will be sent out at start of April. 


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Masks are very hard to get in Australia now, so we bought thousands from a manufacturer in China who regularly makes them and have flown them into Australia.
We have then stored them for over 7 days in our warehouse just in case, to ensure that there can be no traces of the virus left on them. (The virus can live on surfaces for up to 9 days so the flight here takes 3-7 days) 

Our warehouse staff are also wearing masks when they are packing the orders just to be extra safe. 

When you receive your delivery
Do this outdoors. I do recommend when you receive your delivery, that you spray the outside package down with a mix of 50ml bleach to 2litres water as this has been scientifically proven to kill the Corona virus. 
Leave it on for 1 minute before wiping it off and then opening the package. 

The inside contents will be safe to handle due to the precautions we have taken in the warehouse. 

We are treating this very seriously because we know a lot of our gardening customers are seniors and you are most at risk.

Wear these masks if you have to go out to buy food. If someone is sick in your home, they MUST wear a mask at all times to minimise spreading the Corona virus in the air particles in your home. 

Orders will be shipping Daily from our warehouse for as long as we have stock. The numbers left will be shown. 

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