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Grape Hyacinth Blue

Please Note: Due to pre existing Quarantine laws we cannot send any bulbs to Western Australia and Tasmania. You may need to find bulb suppliers in your areas. Sorry we cant help you

A low growing bulb with very delicate spikes of grape looking flowers, that open to form a bell shape. 

Grape Hyacinths or Muscari are great for rockeries, nooks and crannies, along pathways, drifts, grass plantings or at the front of beds. The flowers open late winter to early spring and look brilliant with Daffodils . The grass like foliage emerges late autumn to winter.

Plant Grape Hyacinths into well drained soil, humus rich is ideal, but they will cope in poor soils with good drainage. Water them in, natural rainfall should take care of the rest, you will only need to water them if they dry out during their growth period. 

Grape Hyacinth bulbs are great to naturalise, where they will multiply to form nice clumps. Add some general purpose fertiliser, as the flowers are forming, and again as they are fading, to ensure good growth in the coming year.

Botantical name

Muscari neglectum






Early Spring


Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide


Full Sun to Semi Shade

Supplied as


Water needs



Growing Conditions Detailed
Botanical name: Muscari
Family: Liliaceae
Plant/bulb type: True bulb
Planting time: Late Summer to Autumn
Height: 10-15cm

Depth & spacing
5cm deep & apart.

Full sun to part shade. Will happily grow under light to medium canopies.

Free draining. Generally not fussy. 

Start watering when growth appears and keep soil slightly moist, until foliage dies off after flowering. It is ideal to keep bulbs relatively dry whilst dormant.

Top dress with a complete fertiliser each Autumn. Eg: Blood & Bone. Generally very hardy and not heavy feeders.

Flowering time
Late Winter onwards.

After flowering care
These very-easy-to-grow bulbs can be left undisturbed for many years. They will happily naturalise in most gardens, increasing in density each year.

Generally very easy to grow. 

Climatic tolerances
Subtropical to cool.

The vivid colour of these flowers look wonderful in small vases. 

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