Dutch Iris Discovery

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Please Note:
 Due to pre existing Quarantine laws we cannot send any bulbs to Western Australia and Tasmania. You may need to find bulb suppliers in your areas. Sorry we can't help you. 

Even the bare bulbs look elegant on this stunning flowers.
If you buy Dutch Iris from the florist, this is most likely your variety. 

There arent many flowers with such an intense purple blue. A taller bulb they reach around 70cm tall so best if you plant them behind other bulbs. Imagine the wonderful contrast of daffodils at the front and Blue Iris at the back. 

We have these growing along the sides of a little stream that meanders through the property and they faithfully popup again every year with very little care. 



Botantical name

Iris xiphium






Late Spring


Cool to Sub-Tropical

Planting time
Late Summer to Autumn

80cm or taller.

Depth & spacing
10-15cm deep & 10-15cm apart. 

Full sun to only partial shade.

Free draining & friable.

Watering Start watering when you see it sprouting above the ground. Keep the soil moist right until the foliage has finished and shrivelled down to ground level.  

Bulbs dont need food when they dormant (ie no shoots above ground as they are sleeping then) The important time to fertilise is when they start to sprout above ground. The best results can be attained from using a complete liquid fertiliser and water them with it every 2 weeks until they have finished flowering and died back down.   


Flowering time
Late Spring.

After flowering care
As with all bulbs, DONT cut the folliage back until it has totally died off. 

Subtropical to cool.

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