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Bokassa Tulips Mixed Colours

Please Note: Due to pre existing Quarantine laws we cannot send any bulbs to Western Australia and Tasmania. You may need to find bulb suppliers in your areas. Sorry we cant help you. 

Breathtakingly Beautiful they are the ultimate showpiece in the garden. This is a handpicked collection of the absolute favourites this season. 

Potted perfection! Bokassa Tulips are the premium Tulip range for potting.  We have carefully selected varieties with compact foliage and medium height flowers. These attributes lend perfectly to containers or small garden plantings. You could add annuals such as Pansies to the pot, at the time of planting, for a long and colourful display.

The Tulip is truly an extraordinary flower. With a past steeped in romance, it has been a muse for art, poetry and passion. The Tulip has obsessed nations, taking flower power to the extreme. It is known as the Queen of Bulbs.

Tulips have a bit of a Prima Donna reputation. With a little 'know how' though, they are easy as pie!

A simple way to remember when to plant your tulips is Mother`s Day! It is ideal, because by this time of year the soil has cooled sufficiently for planting. It doesn’t have to be on the day, but as long as you are around the date.

All our bulbs are ready to grow; they do not need to be chilled.

It is a good idea to prepare the soil for their arrival by adding some delicious organic matter. Tulips need good drainage and at least six hours of sun a day, to flower at their best. Plant the bulbs 15-20cm deep, with the pointed end up. Space your tulips 10-20cm apart, planting closer for a more spectacular show.

In most areas it is recommended you lift and store your Tulip bulbs, once their foliage has browned. You don’t need to do this if you live in an area with frost, where the soil is shaded or mulched through summer and where the ground does not become soggy during their dormant period. In every other case it is recommended.

Botantical name

Tulipa hybrida








Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide


Full Sun to Light Shade

Supplied as


Water needs



Growing Conditions

Plant/bulb type: True bulb


Planting time
Autumn. Avoid planting your Tulip bulb until the occasional hot spells have finished and the soil has cooled down. We often plant late April to early May.

Prior to Planting
All Tulips (except the Rock Tulips) require an 'artificial Winter' so place the bulbs in the crisper of the fridge for 4-8 weeks. ( In cool climates for 4-6 weeks; in warmer climates for 6-8 weeks). Plant immediately after removing from the fridge. 

Height: 30-50cm
Rock Tulips: 15-20cm
Monet Tulips: 40 -100cm
Other Tulips: 30-50cm

Depth & spacing
Plant 12-15cm deep and 10-15cm apart. 

Full sun to very light shade. In warmer climates, Tulips like a cool, part shaded spot.

Well drained & friable although will often grow well for one year in heavier soils.

Start watering when growth appears and keep soil slightly moist until foliage dies off after flowering. It is ideal to keep bulbs relatively dry whilst dormant.

Top dress with a complete fertiliser after planting & water in. Otherwise incorporate fertiliser into the soil a week or more before planting. For best results in subsequent year, top dress again immediately after flowering. Use a complete fertiliser such as Blood & Bone. 

Flowering time
Early to mid Spring.

After flowering care
Allow the foliage to die back before loosening the soil and lifting the bulbs. Allow the bulbs to dry off (don't leave them in the sun) then shake off excess dirt, remove flower stalks and store. At this point do not remove the smaller bulbs attached to the 'mother' bulb. These bulbs will, if cared for each year, grow into flowering sized. 

The bulbs need to be stored in a cool, airy and dry spot with temperatures of 15-23c. Old stockings are excellent for holding the dormant bulbs.

To protect the bulbs from aphid or thrip infestation during this period, lightly dust the bulbs with an insecticide powder prior to storage. Don't forget to put the bulbs back into the crisper prior to planting the following Autumn.

Tulip bulbs in warmer climates
Even in warmer climates Tulips can be enjoyed for at least one year. To get a good display the bulbs must be refrigerated for 6-8 weeks and then planted in a cool part of the garden (lightly shaded & south facing.)
Trouble shooting
Drying leaves & flower buds: This is often caused by Botrytis (Tulip Fire). To protect against Botrytis, spray the Tulips with a fungal spray designed for ornamental plants (ask at your local nursery).  Foliage but no flowers: This is usually a result of bulbs becoming too hot (which cooks the flower bud). This can happen during storage or after planting. To avoid this, ensure the storage spot stays relatively cool (ie less than 25C) and don't plant the bulbs until early May. This gives the soil a chance to cool down after Summer.

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