10 pack x Medical Masks - Selling at COST PRICE for Aussie Gardener Members

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PLEASE NOTE : We are selling these at COST PRICE (no profit) to Aussie Gardener Customers to help our customers get access to protective masks during this crisis. 

Anyone in your household who is sick (possibly with the Corona virus) MUST wear one of these masks at all times to stop them coughing out the virus into the room.

Please note that you may need 2-3 masks per day as they get too wet and become ineffective. 

This type of mask should not be worn by healthy people as it is not designed to stop the virus entering the lungs. It is to keep the cough contained in the mask. 

It is the same type that surgeons wear to stop them breathing germs onto open wounds when operating. 

The other type of mask we are selling (KN95) is what you need if are leaving your home to go shopping or appointments.
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