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Staff Commission Signup

Welcome Power Planter Sales Team

This page is ONLY for use by approved staff at True Blue Aussie Gardener/Power Planter Australia.

Complete your details to be given a dedicated link that you can pass out to customers and receive a commission on every sale.
Please note your 10% commission is based on
Selling Price (exc  discounts and shipping) minus the Product Cost Price.
ie. the commission is based on the profit we make on that sale. 

So to give you an idea.
Sell a 324H at $129. 
The product cost on this is $36.76 (at time of writing)
Profit is $92.24
Your Commission will be $9.24 on that sale.

Sell a Dewalt Combo drill kit and the commission is $21.50

So it pays to follow up all those enquiries and help people complete their purchase. Remember this is an excellent product that is really helping people to dig ground that was previously very difficult or even impossible for them to even attempt. We have thousands of reviews that highlight just how beneficial it is to own a Power Planter and that it is worth every cent. 

A list of the product costs and profit margins is available at this link. 

It goes without saying...
This information is confidential. Distribute it and you will lose your job. 



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